Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training Mode & Motivation

Sure, some time has passed since my last post. But my life has been no different except for learning to plan around my training. I've been trying to get myself to run three to four times a week along with one strength-training (ballet cardio) workout, but with the hot and humid weather, it's been difficult to get motivated. There were two consecutive weeks where I did manage to nail the aforementioned training schedule, but then the next week saw me only run once.

Still, this is definitely the most active I've been in a long time, where this marathon training is basically demanding of me at least four workouts a week. I haven't followed a schedule like that since my sophomore year of high school, where I was taking up to six ballet classes a week. More and more, I realize how inactive I have become since high school - and even though I did not become a great ballerina, I realize how much more fit I was back then.

So I try to remember my more disciplined ballet days as a way to get motivated to shape up and leave this marathon with as few injuries as possible. Another motivation has been the build-up of the summer Olympics and the coverage of many Olympic athletes. I've read blurbs on Ryan Lochte and Nastia Liukin (recently retired, bless her heart) - and as I read about their training schedules, I see their determination that has led them to stick to the practices to be able to compete. Insane talent and power helps too - but as I'm not seeking Olympic levels of recognition, I think their determination and discipline are what hits me most.

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