Friday, July 13, 2012

If short on time, go for intensity

Yesterday, I had a busy schedule but found out I had a little bit of time to go on a run. However, I was being indecisive on whether or not to run. The thing holding me back was that there was no time for at least four miles - and a short run at this point really bothered me. It felt like a step back in my progress. 

But something in this marathon training must be working, because my attitude eventually shifted. So I only have twenty minutes? I thought to myself. Ok, I'll make the most of those twenty. And so I set out on my second interval training run (ever). I ended up averaging an 8.5 min/mile for two miles - and was pretty proud of that. 

And I've come a long way! You see, my first interval training run (ever) happened during one of my runs with Chris. This was no coincidence. He suggested it and I may have been grouchy at him for that for the rest of the night. The run wasn't that long but after we stopped, I was beat. I was also disappointed that we didn't do three miles that night - it was just a measly 1.8. But Chris reassured me that it was not a bad run. "Our run was short," he said that night, "but we still got a good workout by making use of that time and pushing ourselves." I saw the sense in this comment but was too tired to embrace it. 

Now, I see myself slowly making friends. Recently, there were a couple of blog posts on the interwebs that served as inspiration on pushing yourself. Reading these, I'm understanding that the most difficult workouts ARE what you want. I was valuing long runs a bit more because of the difficulty in getting through them - but I will now add intense short runs to the list as well.

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