Thursday, November 8, 2012


Yeah, so... that happened! (as well as an election and a nor-easter, y'know...)

Chris and I felt relieved when they made the call. 
I had already decided to run it if it were still on (as I wrote in my last post), and Chris was leaning towards running it, but we were both having a hard time living with our decision. 

I am grateful for the intervention from so many level-headed people for whom it was easier to disregard to marathon, as well as for the final call from the Mayor's office. 

Here is my "statement" on Facebook.

That was five days ago. My thoughts have not changed. 

Anyway, I'll keep writing so that means more musings to come, including:
  • thoughts on getting another year to train
  • volunteering post-Sandy
  • thoughts on transitioning from a casual Facebook post to a more structured blog post
  • new running shoes purchase - spoiler alert: owie!
  • my trip to the Marathon expo plus a look inside the marathon goody bag passed out to the runners

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